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Meet the Author

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Michael Kalthoff has been an outspoken critic of government’s massive intrusion into our healthcare system since the 1960’s. He has identified the single cause of the year-after-year massive inflation in healthcare, has determined when healthcare will collapse if we do nothing, and how we can actually replace Obamacare with a 100% free-market healthcare system. His passion for free-market, commonsense healthcare solutions has culminated in his exciting new book, Saving Private Healthcare.

Working with the director of the transplant center at the University of Chicago, Michael designed a national organ-transplant infrastructure for the senior leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Health in Beijing and presented a high-level plan to create a modern-day organ-transplant industry for all 31 provinces in China.

As a healthcare-technology entrepreneur, Michael was also the founder and CEO of LDT Systems, Inc., a software company that created the world’s first clinical organ donor Internet communications system, helping the organ-transplant industry electronically place 6,500 organs for transplant, while increasing organ availability and saving 500 additional lives in the process.

He also led the information technology bid team for the U.S. Olympic Committee in Cincinnati, Ohio, has traveled to Guatemala to help restore an indigent hospital, and has worked with charities in the Chicagoland area. He currently leads a busy life with his wife and family in Naperville, Illinois. This is his first book.