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Saving Private Healthcare – Before the Collapse


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Saving Private Healthcare offers the only complete and commonsense free-market healthcare reform solution that will reduce total per-year US healthcare expenditures by $2 trillion by 2022. This book goes toe-to-toe with Obamacare with a simple but powerful reform solution for all sectors of healthcare while creating and delivering 7 specific reform bills to be presented to Congress, the Senate and the president for passage, followed by the step-by-step phases that will actually implement these bold reforms. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

Michael Kalthoff takes you on the epic and disastrous journey of how the U.S. healthcare system went from being the envy of the world to hanging by a financial thread. From the shocking Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), to why this law will hasten the collapse of private healthcare, to an in-depth look at why healthcare prices have been spiraling out of control since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Saving Private Healthcare uncovers the mistakes of the past to offer an encompassing solution for the future.

Michael introduces the 7 freedoms of healthcare, explaining why they are critical to determining the best and only course of true and lasting free-market, commonsense healthcare reform. His plan eliminates defensive medicine, government price controls and removes the contracts among governments, health-insurance companies, and medical providers allowing doctors to take home more of their hard-earned income while opening up free-market competition in the medical community.

His plan replaces HMO and PPO health insurance with new, consumer-selected, private health insurance; introduces medical escrow accounts (MEAs) and healthcare credit cards; while freeing all seniors on Medicare to stay on their own private health-insurance plan after turning 65, and opening up seniors’ access to all physicians, hospitals and clinics in the U.S.

He introduces “The Initiative” as a new and revolutionary movement of thousands of Americans who will expand the reforms in this book to all areas of healthcare for doctors, hospitals, health insurance, pharmaceutical, device and supply companies.

In Chapter 17, Michael requests you visit The Initiative’s page to print the enclosed cover letter and the outlines of seven new free-market healthcare reform bills, then mail them to your representatives on Capitol Hill to seek their support for The Initiative and this most important effort.

The Initiative will handle all “sausage-making” as we work with Congress and the president to get these bills signed into law. With many participating in The Initiative and lots of hard work, together we will solve this healthcare crisis for generations to come.


Jerry Doyle Interview August 22, 2012